This beauty turned 106-years-old this past Saturday, June 13th! Doesn't she look fan-freakin-tastic?! I am just in awe of her kind eyes and warm smile. I'd like to give her a big hug!

Of course, no one is allowed to hug 106-year-old Melba these days. Not even on her special day! This Covid-19 thing really threw a wrench into her b-day plans. But according to a post by Marianne Cussins on the U local New Hampshire Facebook page, Melba was showered with flowers, cards, and tons o' love.

I'm glad miss Melba got the attention she deserves! It's not every day you turn 106-years-old! On behalf of all of us at 97.5 WOKQ, I want to wish Melba a very happy belated birthday. I hope when this is all over she can go out for a much deserved celebration. Maybe she can get serenaded again by this guy in a tie dye shirt! It looks like she certainly enjoyed it!

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