Fall is when the mosquitoes leave, and we're outdoors. Officials warn the EEE threat is still prevalent.

In what might be a story-line which rivals a Halloween movie, just when you think the villain mosquito has been run off by colder weather, the EEE threat still lies within the insects who linger.  According to WMUR News 9, there are still mosquitoes in the area, and these are more likely to be infected with diseases such as Eastern equine encephalitis, or EEE. In addition, experts believe the threat isn't going away any time soon. EEE is likely to be around into the winter.

According to WMUR News 9, entomologist of Dragon Mosquito Control Sarah MacGregor said “I like to say when there’s snow on the ground, but when we have a hard freeze, which is different from a frost. So, we need to see temperatures below freezing for at least six hours overnight. That’s when you get up in the morning and all the plants are dead. Everything. The leaves are brown. So, we know it’s killed all living organisms.”

According to WCVB ABC 5, The Massachusetts Department of Public Health received reports about three fatalities among the 10 confirmed human cases of EEE in 2019.


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