Elle King is starting some country music gossip by calling one of the biggest names in country music an a-hole.

The tea gets even hotter because she has named her next album, "Come Get Your Wife," after the incident that led her to call him the distasteful name.

All of this is coming out of the woodwork just days before her Boston show on February 24, 2023, at Roadrunner.

Let's break it down.

Elle King and Chris Young were on Blake Sheldon's new show, Barmageddon, on USA Network. They competed in various funny games like  “air cannon cornhole,” “keg curling”, and “drunken axe hole,” according to a Page Six article.

Here is where it gets spicy. Elle King started winning many of the events and started to talk a little smack to her country star opponent.

According to page six and Elle King herself, Chris Young told Elle King's fiancé, Dan Tooker, who was watching from the audience, to “Come get your wife."

That was after he "called her names", which has me wondering exactly what kind of names.

Anyway, the strong woman who is Elle King did NOT take too kindly to the name-calling or sexist request for a man to get his wife.

Here is Elle King on the incident.

The silver lining, and the best part of this country gossip, is Elle King's newest album name: Come Get Your Wife.

“The title of this record came because some famous asshole tried to shout ‘Come get your wife’, and I was like I’m not even married, just because I was kicking his a– in a game. I was like, ‘Ha ha wouldn’t it be fun if I called my record that?’ So I did,” she wrote via Instagram on Monday.


She also added on a separate Instagram post, “Remember that one time I was beating some a–hole at a game and he yelled, “Come get your wife!” to my partner!?!? And I’m not even married! Lol. Thanks for the album title, babe 😉.”

It is not often we get country music drama, but this is enough for a bit. I wonder if King will have comments when she plays in Boston, Massachusetts, later this month.

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