We have seen some pretty rare lobsters caught off our coast this year including a blue one and a yellow one, but wait till you see what the crew at the Hannaford Supermarket in China, Maine, found.

It's a calico speckled lobster!

According to reporting from WMTW.com, the workers at the grocery chain happened upon this beauty of a catch in their seafood shipment. Upon talking to one another, the crew felt this lobster was far too special to be destined for a cooking pot.

They felt so strongly about their special find that the manager of the Hannaford drove the special calico lobster to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland, the news station reported.

The lucky guy will live to see another day, thanks to the quick thinking and kindness of the team at Hannaford.

This calico lobster is a one in 30 million catch, WMTW stated.

You may see the calico lobster soon, he (or she, I can’t tell) will be part of GMRI’s virtual classes and online exhibits, according to the news station, and for now, the lobster is chilling in a nice saltwater tank at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute.

The odds of catching this lobster may be one in 30 million in the ocean but what the odds of being rescued by the staff at Hannaford?  I bet they are much higher.  Seeing all these rare catches of lobster this year has made me wonder, who was the first person that took a look at a lobster and thought ‘yeah, let’s eat this.”

I will stick to enjoying my lobster roll without thoughts of the lobsters they came from.

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