I hadn't taken a work day off in a little over nine months, so it was time for some R&R. After stepping away for 10 days, I arrived back in the offices to hear different reactions from multiple people. Words I don't normally associate with were used.


vaca 2

"Fresh," and "rested" came up. The funny thing is if R&R stands for rest and relaxation, I must've taken it to heart. In fact, I did nothing of substance. My girlfriend had a few free nights at the new Oxford Casino hotel, so we were up there for my birthday. I may not be much of a high roller, but surely made a huge dent in their superb breakfast buffet. (corned beef, man...wow) 

Other than that, I spent a ton of time outdoors. You can get a lot of color in Maine during January. Plus, being winter, you can fool 'em into thinking you went somewhere warm if you want. No one has to know your color comes from wind burn on the lake! Your long sleeves keep ya pale, but they don't see that until April.

I can't remember ANYONE commenting upon returning from time away, so it caught me off guard. What's the best/worst thing anyone has said to you?


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