Stillwells Riverwalk Ice Cream Shop is a cute little business offering yummy treats in downtown Exeter.

But like many other businesses, they have been dealing with mask shamers sending them notes.

Owner Arielle Wolfe took to Facebook to voice her complaints:

Wolfe tells that the picture that was sent to her of boys enjoying ice cream cones outside the shop is the latest in a bunch of "nit picking" incidents that have left her "frustrated."

She continued:

“People want us to police every single person with an ice cream cone on Water Street and tell them where they can stand. I can’t do that. I can only control what I can control, and that’s what’s happening inside my store,”

According to, Stillwells does require all their employees to wear masks.  They also have a table blocking the entrance so that customers can order from the doorway.

There are several signs placed on windows and doors with the CDC guidelines, as well as blue tape outside to encourage social distancing.

This seems to be just the latest incident in escalating tensions around wearing masks.  There have been fights inside Walmart and Target.

There was a recent article in the Boston Globe about this very topic, detailing tensions between runners and walkers, grocery store disputes and more.

There was even a GoFund Me started for a barista that refused to serve a customer who didn't have a mask on, according to NECN.

I feel like tensions are especially high in 2020 so hopefully we can all treat each other with a little kindness and just to try to get through this year as best as we can.

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