We've all been waiting for this day.  Stay at home orders are over as of today, and by tonight even the limit on gatherings will be done.  But are you ready? Everything from gyms, to restaurants, to hair salons are now ready for business but are you ready to go there...
Costco Customers Start Fight Over Masks...Is NH Next?
To wear a mask, or not to wear a mask...that is the question. So far, in New Hampshire, wearing a mask in stores is highly recommended but not mandated. According to NBC 10, city officials in Nashua, NH are considering making it mandatory in certain stores...
Looking For a Job? Hannaford Is Hiring
A lot of people are out of work right now, and if you're trying to find something new, even temporarily, this might be for you. Hannaford just announced they are looking to hire about 2,000 new employees throughout New England and New York.

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