Remember Dejah Rondeau? She's the badass chick who plays quarterback for the Exter Seahawks. This 7th grader's badass-ery (not a word, I'm aware) was recognized back in February by none other than Julian Edelman. Dejah was invited to Gilette to toss around the pigskin with Julian, get a tour of the trophy room with Robert Kraft, and to finish off the day she was surprised with a pair of tickets to the Super Bowl!

The excitement doesn't stop there! Adidas is starting a marketing campaign called 'She Breaks Barriers'. This campaign is highlighting young women who are excelling in male-dominated sports!

According to Seacoastonline, Dejah's mother Brock quickly went from being skeptical of her daughter playing the sport to her number one cheerleader on the sidelines. Dejah never set out to be a role model for young girls. She just wanted to be the best quarterback she could be. But let's face it, this girl is breaking barriers and it is inspiring women all over the country to do the same.

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