Thankfully no one was injured in the explosive gender reveal that was held at the Torromeo quarry in Kingston, New Hampshire but it shook the area even across state lines according to In the long list of ‘seemed like a good idea at the time,’ the explosive gender reveal party took place on April 20 this year.


Damage from the Explosion


Residents in the area reported that pictures fell off their walls, the earth shook so hard that some reported cracks in the foundations of their homes.  Most people thought it was an earthquake, but I suppose that is what 80 pounds of Tannerite sounds like when it goes off.  Tannerite is an over-the-counter substance usually used as a target for firearms practice according to


A Celebration Gone a Bit Too Far


Police responded back in April to the reports of a loud explosion at the quarry and the family that hosted the gender reveal acknowledged that they were the source of the explosion.  Anthony Spinelli of Kingston, New Hampshire plead no contest to a disorderly conduct charge at a hearing in Brentwood Circuit Court.  He will receive a suspended $500 fine.  Next time, maybe a balloon filled with pink or blue confetti might be a better choice.  My daughter had a baby last February and the gender reveal was fun with just a balloon in the backyard.  Some recent gender reveals have gone horribly wrong including one in California that caused a forest fire.  I’m just glad no one was hurt in the Torromeo explosion and everyone is safe.



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