The long weekend is upon us and you're not sure to do with your copious amount of free time? No worries, we've got ideas that don't involve catching up on chores! After the dreadful winter we had, there is no excuse for staying indoors and not taking advantage of the holiday.

Host a Cookout

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There really isn't much better than getting back to our primal roots and eating food cooked over an open flame. Burgers, dogs, chicken and grilled corn on the cob are all absolute musts. Spending hours outdoors on plastic furniture drinking some beers and lighting the fire pit up when the mosquitoes start trolling at dusk? That's the way to start summer.


Visit a Local Landmark for the First Time

Don Briand

Perhaps you've never seen the aforementioned Nubble Lighthouse. Garrison Hill Tower or The Children's Museum in Dover on your to-do list? Perhaps you've only heard of Strawberry Banke but never actually checked it out? Let this be the weekend you mae it happen.


Go to the Beach

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It isn't quite beach weather in New England, those three weeks of summer haven't arrived yet, but it looks to be nice for the most part. Climb some rocks at ___ Beach, go to Playland and grab some Blink's Fried Dough at Hampton Beach or sneak over to Brown's Ice Cream and the Nubble Light House after chilling at York Beach


See a Movie

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The summer blockbuster season is in full gear and you've got a ton of choices: The Avengers, Mad Max, and Pitch Perfect 2 are in theaters. Looking for a recommendation? Try Tomorrowland. No, I haven't seen it but the previews look great and it stars George Clooney. I'm sure you'll be happy with it.


Attend a Memorial Day Ceremony or Observance 

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Take a moment from appreciating your freedom to show your respect to those who provided it. There are services held in nearly every town and city, because every town and community has had members who paid the ultimate price protecting the our country. Whether you visit graveside ceremony or say thank you at a parade, be sure to reflect on the costs that come with freedom.