Any help would be appreciated in helping to apprehend the suspects in five robberies that have occurred in Rochester in the past two weeks.  According to, two of the locations that have been robbed have been hit twice.  Capt. Todd Pinkham tells, “We are spending a significant about of time looking into these.  The trend of having five in the past two weeks is concerning to us… We have seen trends like this throughout the past.  They are concerning and we do take them seriously.”


The Citizens Bank inside Hannaford supermarket on Milton Road was the first robbery that occurred on September 11.  The suspect appeared unarmed or at least did not brandish a weapon and took off on a bicycle.  The second robbery occurred on September 14 at the Nouria gas station and convivence store on Milton Road. In this incident, the suspect allegedly displayed a knife and left on foot.  The next robbery occurred at the Irving Circle K on Gonic Road.  The suspects were a man and a woman who fled on foot after allegedly threatening the clerk with an unknown weapon.  Two suspects have been charged with this offense.


On Sunday, September 20th the Nouria gas station and convivence store were hit a second time.  The robbery was very similar to the first robbery at the Nouria gas station where the suspect brandished a knife, demanded cash, and took off into the woods.  Then, on Monday, September 21 the Citizens Bank inside Hannaford’s was hit a second time with similar circumstances to the first robbery there.  The suspect passed a note to the teller and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash and took off on a bicycle.  Rochester Police have released some surveillance images and are asking for help in identifying the suspects.




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