According to WMTW, on Wednesday morning hundreds of pink plastic lawn flamingos were planted all across the football field at South Portland High school. The article states that it appears to be a senior prank. I like this prank because it has a little heart behind it. Each flamingo is supposed to represent a graduating senior from the class of 2020. Look at those flamingos socially distancing! How responsible!

I love this more than your average person because the plastic lawn flamingo was actually invented in my hometown of Leominster, Massachusetts. (I know, I know, humble brag!) Wednesday was the first day that seniors were able to come to the school and pick up their caps and gowns so the timing for this prank is appropriate.

Schools all across the country and northern New England are getting creative when it comes to graduation ceremonies. Some are hosting them virtually, in parking lots, I even heard about Morse High School in Bath hosting theirs at an airport. Regardless of where these graduation ceremonies are being held, they are not what anyone envisioned and it is hard on the class of 2020.

Graduating seniors, please know that your accomplishments are not going unnoticed! You are awesome and are going to do great things in this world. When this is all said and done, I hope that you get the celebration you deserve and a cake with your face on it.

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