Just when you thought 2020 was winding down with the threats its amps it up again.  The beaches are finally open so we can enjoy the water, or you would think.  Of course, we must stay vigilant for great white sharks but, hey, the lifeguards are watching, and officials are posting about sightings but now there is a new threat in the water.  Giant Lion’s Mane Jellyfish.  I’m not kidding.  According to nbcboston.com, there was a purple flag warning posted at Nahant Beach on Friday to keep people on the lookout for the giant Lion’s Mane Jellyfish.

Getting stung by a giant jellyfish is not on my to-do list.  I love watching jellyfish of any kind in an aquarium.  They look so peaceful as they glide through the tank, it’s very calming just to watch them float.  These Lion’s Mane Jellyfish can sting you even after they die so use caution. If you see one washed up on the beach, tell a lifeguard or local authorities and DON’T TOUCH IT.  And if you are wondering how big they are well, scary big.

Biologist Nick Record of Bigelow Labs told nbcboston.com “Over the last couple of years, the lion’s mane jellyfish have been getting startlingly large – the largest ones I’d seen were maybe one or two feet across. Two years ago, I started getting a lot of reports that they were maybe three feet across.  Then last year there was one monster up in Lamoine, Maine, that was four or five feet across.” So thanks 2020, I will add giant, stinging jellyfish to the list of things you have given us.



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