Samantha Russo won the crown of Miss New Hampshire back in 2013, and since then has become a certified fitness trainer and nutritionist, starting her own company called Sweat Like Sam.

Now, when you're a certified fitness trainer (and nutritionist, too, but we'll focus on the fitness portion for this), you tend to enjoy not only working on your clients' fitness, but also your own. Which means you tend to spend a decent amount of time in the gym, either creating new workouts for yourself to try with clients, or just to challenge yourself.

Samantha Russo via Instagram
Samantha Russo via Instagram

Unfortunately, it's not always as simple as "I'm into fitness, I'm going to go to the gym for a nice workout" when you're a woman, regardless of whether or not you're a former pageant queen or not. Because, for whatever reason, some guys feel the need to "shoot their shot" and approach a woman at the gym to try and spark a conversation, date, relationship, hookup -- something, in between bicep curls or a circuit workout.

Now, don't get me wrong -- sometimes this is successful. Sometimes, people genuinely enjoy meeting new people, and if you share a passion for fitness, who doesn't want a workout partner that's also a life partner that you can share hobbies with? But it doesn't always go down that "The Notebook"-esque path, and instead it's more often than not (at least, this is how it seems to be digested by the women who have mentioned encounters like this) a "I'm a gym guy, I know how to do efficient workouts, let me take myself over to this woman and offer some free advice, even though I don't have my personal trainer's license and I wasn't asked for help, because I'm a big jacked Romeo."

Okay, maybe that was a little exaggerated for entertainment purposes, but like I said, good chance that's exactly how it's being taken by a woman that's really not looking to strike up anything with anyone, simply just at the gym to get a workout in and go on with her day/life. And that's more or less what happened to Samantha at the gym the other day, which she described as being "mansplained to at the gym."

So, in conclusion, based off what Samantha is saying in the above "Mansplaining Best Practices" video she gave to us free of charge, it's safe to say that -- fellas, if you have the urge to speak to a woman at the gym, don't. Maybe unless she has a muscle spasm while bench pressing and the bench bar is rolling toward her throat, then go over and lift it off to prevent injury, and immediately look at the ground and walk away.

And fight the urge to drop the "That was all you, I only lifted like, 5 pounds of that" line you give to your buddy when he runs out of gas toward the end of a set and needs help. Smile and walk away -- those four words will get you through life successfully.

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