Brown reportedly enrolled in online courses last week, right around the time he was let go from the New England Patriots.

What do you do when you find yourself out of a gig, or even back to back can't-miss opportunities? Some will look to refine skills, or develop new talents by going back to school. In this respect, Antonio Brown is no different than the rest of us. According to NECN, Central Michigan University spokeswoman Heather Smith said earlier this week that Brown is back in school. However, he isn't participating in traditional classes. Brown played for the Chippewas from 2007 to 2009 before Pittsburgh drafted him a year later.

You may remember the recent timeline: Pittsburgh traded him to Oakland. After a bizarre media circus, he was released from the team without playing a game, ended up with the Patriots, and's been crazy.

So, maybe...just maybe this is where Antonio Brown straightens up, goes back to school, and figures it out.

Or, he attacks his former bosses on Twitter, and films himself walking into court. Either/or.

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