His phone unable to connect to 911 or the Fremont Fire Department, a Fremont man rushed to the fire station to report in person that his garage was actively burning a few minutes away, according to Deputy Chief Kevin Zukas.

Zukas said he had just arrived back at the station from an inspection when the homeowner pulled up to the station, began pounding on the door and eventually informed Zukas that his garage was on fire at 13 Beede Hill Road in Fremont.

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"His cell phone wasn't working," Zukas said. "He tried to call 911, he tried to call dispatch, but the phone just wasn't working. Thankfully he was only a minute from the station and I just happened to be there."

After reaching a second alarm, the man's garage was deemed a total loss, although the attached dwelling only sustained minor internal damage and some external scorching. Zukas said the fire made the crew tense at times due to the close proximity of nearby Ellis School and some propane tanks, but responders were able to extinguish the flames before it could spread. No injuries were reported.

Zukas said it was fortunate he was at the station when the homeowner arrived. Zukas called in the fire and had members of his crew on the scene within minutes.

"I had dispatch call it out and then one of our lieutenants was just past the garage on the way in and he called the first alarm," Zukas said. "When I got on the scene, I called the second because of the amount of fire I had and the possible extension into the dwelling. ... The garage was a total loss and there was minor damage to the exterior of the house and interior second floor had a little damage. But mostly it was cosmetic on the outside of the house.

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