Listen up, 'Frozen' fans: Are you ready to really see Anna and Elsa come to life in a real-life ice kingdom? Well, Disney has just granted your wish -- everyone's favorite movie will now be made into a production of 'Disney on Ice'!

According to the New York Times, performance-goers can expect to see a stunning visual of blizzard-like conditions (created by 20 snow machines), a stage modeled after a snowflake and even "video projection panels" that aim to re-create the ice-encrusted mountains in the film.

The show "will make kids and their parents feel like they are actually trekking up those mountains and experiencing the storm inside Elsa," producer Nicole Feld said.

And as for the movements that Anna and Elsa will do on skates, 'Frozen on Ice' director Patty Vincent worked closely with Walt Disney Animation Studios and the movie's directors and producers in order to perfectly capture their essence.

"They helped us with Elsa's style of movement -- balletic, vertical -- and how it differs from Anna, who is more playful and horizontal."

In addition to Anna and Elsa, fans can also expect to see favorites like snowman Olaf and Sven the reindeer.

'Frozen on Ice' will kick off its tour in September in Orlando, Fla.

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