Garth Brooks had planned to perform his dive bar show on Monday, December 2, at the Six String Grill in Foxborough, Massachusetts, but unfortunately, the show has been postponed due to the weather.

Thanks a lot, Mother Nature!

The projected storm set to hit New England is looking to bring along a bunch of snow, and in some areas up to a foot or more, according to CBS Boston.

So it makes sense that Garth would want to hold off so both he and the respective fans attending the show stay safe instead of trucking through the bad weather to get there.

There's currently no new date and time for the postponed show, so stay tuned.

Until then, break out your shovels, your winter gear, and pop on some Garth music to get you through what's looking to be a wintry time the next couple days.

And soon enough, when we have the new date for the show, you'll be at Garth's dive bar concert in no time.

Stay safe out there!

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