Ski your choice of Attitash or Wildcat for just $50 with our most recent Seize the Deal offer, a savings of $29 per ticket. Think about it, for a family of four that's $116 you could put towards shopping at the outlets in Conway on the way home!

Best of all, there are virtually no restrictions on this offer. Want to use it on a Saturday? Great! February vacation? Sure, why not!

Attitash and Wildcat are only twenty minutes apart so why not buy a couple of certificates and check out both of these classic New Hampshire ski areas. Get them at Seize the Deal before they sell out!

Wildcat in particular holds a special place in my heart because it was one of the mountains where I learned how to ski with my Dad (and the Polecat trail is quite possibly the best cruiser trail to hook up and comers on the sport you'll find anywhere).

Watch this video recorded at Wildcat this past weekend to see just how good the conditions are!


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