Wildcat Wedding Alert! This couple celebrated their nuptials at Loon Mountain Resort this weekend. Can you guess where they met? (haha)

My husband and I met on move-in day at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, so of course, we needed to pay homage to UMASS on our special day!

The trend to represent your alma mater on your wedding day is a cool one! It makes all of your guests who went there feel a sense of pride as well. I love that the groom just ditched the suit altogether and rocked a hockey jersey. Something tells me this photo was taken when they were reintroduced as a married couple at the reception!

I am so curious if the UNH pride went beyond this moment. Was there a blue and white wedding cake? Did the Wildcat mascot show up and party with the guests on the dance floor? I NEED TO KNOW! If you were a guest at this wedding please feel free to share more photos in the comments section!

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