If I haven't made it clear yet I absolutely love a bargain! Any kind of Happy Hour, Buy One Get One situation is just thrilling to me. It is why I wrote an article recently about 10 Happy Hours on the Seacoast you need to know about. Did you miss that one? Here it is!

It came out this week that 50% of the U.S population is vaccinated. Herd immunity here we come! I am not trying to get all preachy about vaccinations but it was important to me to get vaccinated. I want us to reach herd immunity so we can be done dealing with Covid. No matter which side you stand on I think we can all agree we are pretty much over it, right? I don't want to deal with another Summer of sporting a mask in the scorching heat and dealing with Maskne (acne in the mask region)

Many places are incentivizing their customers to get vaccinated by hooking them up with, you guessed it, free stuff! The Friendly Toast is running a pretty awesome promotion all Memorial Day Weekend. Check it out:

So grab your vaccination card and head to The Friendly Toast to score yourself some freebies! Now until Memorial Day Monday with proof of vaccination, New Hampshire Toast locations will also be offering a FREE 'Donuts Ridin Shotty' (Churros Bites) appetizer or a free Market Square Mimosa! Massachusetts and Vermont Toast locations will be running the same promo sans mimosa since they aren't allowed to have Happy Hour. (suckers) Vaccination cards from other states are welcome!

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