Imagine having a child who is born with a chronic illness? All parents want for their children is to live happy and healthy lives. When a child's health is compromised it leaves the parents feeling helpless and defeated. That is why organizations like The Dream Factory are so important.

The Dream Factory has a local chapter in Maine that is operated solely by local volunteers. They are a non-profit organization that grants dreams for critically and chronically ill children ages 3 through 18 in York County. As you can imagine, The Dream Factory (and non profits in general) have had a tough go of it because of Covid-19. These organizations are powered by community funding and a year with few events means a year with few donations. But there are still a lot of kids in our community with dreams that deserve to come true!

You can help by getting involved with the Dream Factory of Maine's upcoming Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser on Friday July 16th at 8:30 am


Whether you are an individual or a business, doesn't matter! You can compete on your own or on a team to raise money for this important cause. You would be helping grant the dreams of local children while simultaneously promoting your business! Plus it's going to be a really fun day with a cookout lunch and prizes! (donations are tax deductible) For more info call 207-646-3344 or email

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