Soon you'll be able to order the munchies, and a substance that gives you them.

In the past, if you've had marijuana "delivered" to your house, it was highly illegal, and depending on your contact, somewhat shady. According to, delivering recreational marijuana in Massachusetts is about to be a completely legal big deal.

Last week, the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission approved new rules that will allow for companies to deliver recreational marijuana directly to customers. To deliver, companies will need a special license.

Commissioner Britte McBride recently wrote in an opinion article in Commonwealth Magazine: “Marijuana is here, has been here, and it’s not going away. ... Illegal delivery services are openly competing against licensed, regulated, taxpaying businesses, and that demands our response."

When will you be able to get it?

According to, it will only be a matter of months. However, if your town has banned marijuana, you will not be able to have it delivered to your home. Furthermore, deliveries will only run from 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. This means late-night orders will be illegal, but feel free to order it at 8am.

Also, customers won’t be able to make more than one order a day. In addition, deliveries will be monitored by GPS, ensuring that the delivery makes it to the right residence.

No word if they'll have a pot tracker app. You know, like how one keeps track of pizza.

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