Restaurants are opening up again in the Granite State and if you are comfortable dining out, these local businesses could really use our help. The restaurant industry took an unbelievable hit during the Covid-19 outbreak and it's up to us to help dig them out. We want our favorite places to continue to serve our communities, don't we?!

Personally, I was cooped up in my apartment for three months and I am ready to be set free. I ate out at a restaurant for the first time over the weekend since quarantine and I almost forgot how much I missed it! There is something magical about being around other humans and the sweet sound of your waiter or waitresses' voice saying "I'll be right back with those drinks". I am also noticing that restaurants are coming out with creative new menu items to stimulate interest!

Check out this genius idea from the same brilliant minds that brought us free bacon happy hour. BEHOLD: ADULT JUICE BOXES at Bonfire Country Bar in Manchester:

Bonfire Country Bar via Facebook
Bonfire Country Bar via Facebook

Bonfire Country bar has been back open for less than a week. But they are already changing our lives with this innovative libation that is a nod to many of our childhoods. (Capri Sun anyone?) What is in an adult juice box you may ask? "Mi Campo tequila, Watermelon Pucker, house margarita mix and agave nectar" It's frozen, fun, and blue and belongs in my belly.

Bonfire in Manchester is now open Wednesday through Saturday from 4 pm until 11 pm and Bacon Happier hour kicks off daily at 4 pm. They hope to resume live music inside soon but for now they will have occasional acoustic acts on the patio. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates!

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