Labor Day Weekend is the unofficial end of Summer so it is a fantastic opportunity for you to indulge in some lobster! Especially if you're a big loser like me and haven't had ANY lobster this Summer. What is my problem?

Viktoriya Sivakova took to the "What's Happening in (or to) Dover NH" Facebook page to let the people know her husband is selling fresh lobsters on the cheap this weekend. He is a local New Hampshire fisherman and with everything going on with Covid, they are selling FRESH, WILD CAUGHT offshore LIVE LOBSTERS direct from the boat, to you! Prices start at $3.99 a pound and they will have every kind of lobster you can imagine: old shell, new shell, pistols, culls, chix, 1/4s, 1/2, selects, even up to 10lb JUMBOS.

This is happening Saturday (9/5) and Sunday (9/6) at the Mobil station in the heart of Downtown Dover (221 Central Ave) Viktoriya advises bringing your cooler if you plan to go big. GO BIG OR GO HOME!

If you want to check out photos of this Summer, and get real time selling updates and prices follow Viktoriya on Instagram: @lobstah_lady and If you want to see where your seafood comes from, follow her husband on Instagram: @13whistlingpigs

The action starts at 10 am both days and they will be there until they sell out! Spread the word and support our local fishermen!

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