When I turned 50 last year, I shaved off the goatee that I'd worn for 20 years. Maybe it was the significance of the birthday, maybe it was just an urge for a new look, or maybe it was because it had turned very gray...almost silver.

WOKQ via Facebook
WOKQ via Facebook

After 18 months of being clean shaven, suddenly many people have told me how much they loved my previous look. Despite being led to believe that most women prefer a clean shaven man, I'm finding most are telling me how great I look with facial hair. And let's be honest...what single, heterosexual man doesn't want to attract beautiful women?

So despite my reservation about looking older...most women are telling me it looks distinguished...I'm seriously considering growing it again. Here are just a few of the many comments I got this morning on Facebook.


Feel free to leave your comments. I'll tell you what I decide coming up Friday morning at about 9:45 on The Big Breakfast.

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