Keeping our children safe is the most important thing in this world.

I am not a parent yet, but when I read about the incident that happened yesterday at Rochester Commons, it shook me to my core. This could have ended so differently and thank god the 5-year-old child involved is safe and sound.

The Rochester Police Department took to their Facebook page to share what went down.

On Tuesday November 2, 2021, around 5:00 pm Rochester PD responded to a call that there had been an attempted kidnapping at Rochester Commons on South Main St

The caller said a woman grabbed her 5-year-old son by the head and said “I am taking you for a walk”. Then she took him by the hand and tried to walk away with him

The woman had grey hair and was wearing all black, (pictured below)

Rochester NH Police Department via Facebook
Rochester NH Police Department via Facebook

The caller’s older son then ran over and grabbed the boy then went back to their mother. What a smart boy! The mother then confronted the woman, who walked away and left.

She drove away in a black SUV, possibly a Chevy Equinox type vehicle, with tinted windows. (pictured below)

Rochester NH Police Department via Facebook
Rochester NH Police Department via Facebook

The encounter never became physical and no injuries were reported.

There has been a lot of interaction on this post. Many people are tagging friends to make them aware of the situation. Many people are commending the mom for not getting physical with the woman who laid hands on her son.

Some people had interesting observations:

"Scott Spillane: the front plate looks like a "1st city" promo plate. check to see if someone either recently bought a similar vehicle or was test driving one"

Do you recognize the female and/or vehicle? Do you have any info about the incident? Please don't hesitate to reach out to the Rochester Police Department at 603-330-7128.

You can also provide information anonymously by calling the Rochester Crime Line at 603-335-6500 or Text to: CRIMES (274637) Body of Text: TEXT4CASH + your tip.

Cash rewards are offered for information that leads to an arrest

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