New Hampshire restaurants were finally allowed to offer indoor dining again on June 15th with limited capacity in some counties.  There's more good news.

According to NHBR, there was a vote last night by the Governor's Economic Re-opening Task Force that approved  100% capacity in the next reopening phase, if they can separate tables by six feet.  This should go into effect in July.

So, now that you can go out to eat again, will anything be different?  The answer is yes!

According to Reader's Digest, there are some ways we can help out.  I was surprised by quite a few of them, including the recommendation to NOT eat with your hands.

Dr. Gary Linkov, an ENT physician tells Reader's Digest that it's the worst mistake you can make at a restaurant because we touch so many other things with our hands, including the menu and silverware.

Paying with cash is also NOT a good idea. Paying with a credit/debit card will minimize your contact and will help to not spread germs.

Along those same lines, don't use your server's pen.  Make sure you have a spare with you so that you can sign the check with your own.   This was a great idea, and not something I would have thought of.

Another great suggestion from Reader's Digest, is to not look at the restaurant menu.  With everything being online these days, it's super easy to just take a look ahead of time.  You can place your order without ever having to touch the menu!

The article also recommends not moving tables yourself if you think they're too close together.  The restaurant is probably following strict guidelines and floor plans. If you're uncomfortable or feel like the tables are too close together, ask to talk to a manager and speak up.

Another recommendation on what NOT to do?  Don't share appetizers.  I have to admit I'm good with this one!

So, let's get out there and support local businesses, but keep in mind this "don't list", and happy eating!


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