I drive across the Piscataqua bridge every morning and I see these guys working on it and I think to myself, "God bless those who work outside this time of year".

Anyone who works outside in this weather has my respect.

So when I came across this story from Seacoast Online it made me happy to see that there are still amazing acts of kindness out there from good people.

A couple drops off their car for repairs (that they can't afford) and then were prepared to spend the night in the car because they have no where else to go, according to the article.  (Note: Portsmouth Housing Authority says that there's a large waiting list to get into a shelter as of now.)

Enter Jennifer Frampton ,who was working where they dropped off the car.

Knowing their situation, she wasn't gonna let them sleep in their car in this weather so she jumped on Facebook and help came pouring in, Seacoast Online reported.

The couple ended up with a weeks stay at a hotel at a discounted rate, which was paid for by the donations they got on FB, car repair covered in full by McAuley Wholesale in North Hampton and $200 cash in their pocket, the news article stated.

How amazing is that?

Have you ever been on the receiving or giving end of help like this?

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