Amanda Disley and Benny Correa were totally in the right place at the right time, according to

Thanks to a pair of good Samaritans spotting a car said to be in connection with a kidnapping, the police were able to rescue Charlotte Moccia. reported that nearly six hours after she was abducted on Wednesday, Massachusetts State Police pulled over a blue Honda on the Massachusetts Turnpike and found her in the car.

When Charlotte Moccia was kidnapped and the amber alert went out, my heart sank. I couldn’t imagine as a parent going through that.

There are way to many of these things happening these days. I would be going nuts if that was my child.

To take a chance like that to help, Amanda and Benny (and their kids who were with them) became heroes.

They got excited when they were on the phone with 911 but who can blame them? My son David runs the dispatch department for a Sheriff’s office in Florida and I can totally relate to that dispatcher.

Needless to say, they were able to stay close enough and get the info to police. Now there is a little girl home with her family nice and safe because two strangers took a chance.

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