The question that is on all of our minds is "How long will we be living this way?" How long will our children be out of school? How long will our places of employment be closed? How long before I can get my nails done again? (I know that last question is an extremely low priority, I was just trying to be light) The Governor of Massachusetts has ordered all non-essential businesses to close. Will New Hampshire be soon to follow? These are all questions we can feel free to ask Governor Sununu when he is live on the show on Tuesday at 8:15 am.

Here are some other questions sourced from WMUR's Facebook page:

Why are non-essential government buildings like the passport center and visa center still open and putting employees at risk?

Are there any signs that schools with resume session in NH for the remainder of this school year?

Are you doing anything about property taxes?

When will the NH borders be shut down to non-essential travel?

Why are childcare facilities staying open? Doesn't this defeat the point of social distancing?

If there are any other questions you would like us to add to our list please leave yours in the comments section.

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