If you are a resident of Grafton County, NH, you might be surprised to see residents, or travelers from, anywhere in Grafton County to be placed on Vermont’s travel restrictions list.

According to WMUR.com, Vermont has issued new travel restrictions for travelers entering Vermont from several counties, which now includes Grafton County, NH.

If this leaves you scratching your head, you are not alone.

NH has kept its COVID-19 case counts pretty low compared with the rest of the United States but Vermont measures its risks differently than New Hampshire does.

New Hampshire still lists Grafton County as Green, but the Vermont State metric has Grafton County higher, according to the news station.

The restriction for those that travel to Vermont from Grafter County will require a 14-day quarantine which will restrict you from dining out or doing business, according to WMUR, and you can still do the essential errands like food shopping, school, and visiting the hospital.

Grafton County Commissioner Linda Lauer said to WMUR, “I think it could create confusion.  I say that because I have already had two calls from constituents. One fellow was concerned that he had been asked not to go to an aquatic center in Vermont because he lives in Grafton County."

As of now, the travel restrictions are on the honor system and officials are asking everyone to follow the recommended guidelines of social distancing, mask-wearing, and washing your hands frequently, the news station stated.

As the winter approaches, I fear travel restrictions may become more complicated so stay tuned to the news for updates. People are going to want to travel for the upcoming holidays and it could become difficult.

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