Call it a double-edged sword. How can a fundraiser help two groups that are suffering through the COVID-19 Pandemic at the same time? Fuel the Fight Seacoast and Helping Hungry Heroes are following a national trend by utilizing GoFundMe pages to give business to local restaurants and feeding medical staff. What a brilliant idea!

Founder of Fuel the Fight Seacoast founder Lisa Dachsteiner told that her organization has already raised over $10,000 and has been offering a full delivery schedule and more importantly, remote medical locations. She further says, “We have partnered with some drive and supportive local establishments to help us move this mission forward.” Fuel the Fight Seacoast has modeled their group after the national movement that is going on in areas of the country like Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Washington, D.C. Baltimore, and Concord, Massachusetts.

100% of the fund collected will go towards meals to give local healthcare workers coming from local restaurants. Some local restaurants won’t take payment for the food sent to the health care workers. Any excess money that is raised will be donated to local hospitals for whatever needs they may have. The staff at the local hospitals says the meals give the staff a much-needed boost in morale. You can help by visiting or


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