Paul and Yoko. Axl and Slash. Rineman and Fox Run. Beefs that will live in infamy.

A few weeks back, while reminiscing about the old Newington Mall and reading your wonderful memories, yours truly referred to The Mall at Fox Run as “once great” and “shrinking,” which was met with a prompt (but polite) e-mail from the Fox Run folks sharing that the mall is still cranking along.

A recent visit confirms this. Perhaps some measures could be taken so it doesn’t look quite so barren from the highway? Maybe some kind of doggie obstacle course.

I shared my favorite memories of the mall – Celtics Reggie Lewis and Dee Brown (along with Head Coach Chris Ford) putting on a basketball clinic, and the actual Prancer from the film “Prancer” making a special appearance. Seriously!

But more recently, I’m happy that I was able to take my daughter to meet Santa Claus in the same mall where I visited him for so many years.

Readers and listeners shared memories of their own from Fox Run's heyday.

Michael from Sanborn wrote about his fond memories of the Dream Machine arcade (also a Rineman family favorite – wherever it is, I bet I still hold some records on the old WrestleFest game).

He also recalled the York Steakhouse and the two-story Burger King being favorite eateries, with Blake’s being a go-to for lunch.

Software Etc. was Michael’s “go-to” for Commodore 64 games, Tape World, and Record World for music.

Waldenbooks and B. Dalton are places Michael hit up for the annual baseball preview magazine, or any sports book.

Emily wrote in to share memories of visiting Fox Run while her mom worked at Cartons, Zales, and Hannoush Jewelers.

While I have memories of Halloween Fright Nights over at Newington, some of Emily’s Halloween memories are Trick or Treating at Fox Run, and how kind employees were to children.

Like Michael, Emily expressed hope that more businesses would see the potential for another great run at Fox Run.

Perhaps the most interesting response came from Bridget, who wrote in to share her experience starring in a commercial for Fox Run as a child in the early '80s.

Bridget says she ran through the mall carrying a stuffed Paddington bear and vaguely remembers spinning around one of the many trees that were lit up for Christmas.

Sadly, the VHS Bridget’s parents had was lost, and Fox Run has been unable to locate the commercial.

If you, by chance, have a copy of this ad, please reach out –

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