Forgive me for trying to talk sports and not exactly knowing what I am talking about. But what I do know is I love me some Gronk and if he doesn't play for the Patriots next season, what is the point of having a season at all?

Okay, perhaps that is a little extreme. But here are the facts according to people who know what they are talking about:

  • Offseason workouts started Monday.
  • Gronk nor Brady have been in attendance.
  • Gronk is still considering retirement and is in talks with the NFL on this matter.
  • His contract states he must attend 90% of offseason workouts to receive his 250,000 bonus.
  • There are rumors swirling the interwebs that tensions are high between Belichick and Gronk.

So the long of the short of it is Gronk has missed a few offseason workouts. This is not a telltale sign that he won't be returning for the season. So don't get all excited about his acting career or expect to see him on Dancing With The Stars just yet.

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