It might be spring where you are, but winter is coming to Sesame Street. The folks from Sesame Street have had a run of amazing parodies: The Hungry Games, Star S'Mores, and Upside Downton Abby just to name a few. The new Game of Thrones parody, Game of Chairs, may well be the best among them.

A game of musical chairs is utilized to determine who should rule over Jesteros (see what they did there?). They even manage to slip in a beheading joke that will go over the, erm, heads of kids watching. Decapitation jokes in a children's show, what's not to love!?

Fear not, parents! Unlike HBO's Game of Thrones, whose Season 5 debut is this Sunday, Game of Chairs is completely safe for children. If they ask why you're laughing, just tell them you think Grover is really funny.

Watch to find out who will rule Jesteros!