By now you know that ESPN released a report over the weekend announcing Tom Brady's retirement. That's right, folks! The Goat is hanging up his helmet after 22 years in the league.

Though we haven't heard it straight from the beautiful horse's mouth, the headline seemed pretty definitive. And also, Edelman posted this on Instagram and he is not one to go around spreading fake news:

He called him BABE! I might cry.

So why would Tommy not just announce his retirement if the news is already out there? Well, there are a few theories. One is that he didn't want to overshadow the remaining NFL season and Super Bowl with this massive news. Honey, that ship has sailed!

Another theory, and this one comes from, is that it has to do with dinero, cash, THE GREEN STUFF! Allegedly, Tom Brady is owed a $15 million dollar bonus this Friday, February 4th, but if he retires before that, then he will not receive said bonus. So is he going to wait until Saturday to make the news official? I would!

The fact is, we really don't know what is going to happen. At this point all we can do is speculate. And perhaps making a WOKQ Exclusive Remix to celebrate Tom Brady's retirement is premature! But if it is, I will just repost it again next year when he actually retires.

So here you go! Please enjoy our remix to "Thanks for the Memories" by Fall Out Boy in honor of the greatest quarterback of all time. I'm not crying, you're crying.

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