The Goat in Hampton and Portsmouth is very New Hampshire in all of the best ways. One thing they are known for are their unbelievably innovative adult milk shakes that are almost too pretty to drink (but of course, you find the strength within to do so) Would you like some photo evidence to jog your memory? Done and done!

Behold the Adult Shamrock Shake. There's "magically delicious", and then there's THIS:

Yes, that's a mint ice cream sandwich. No, I will not get out of town.

And can we talk about this boozy Reese’s chocolate peanut butter frappe they served up for National Peanut Butter day?

I feel like you are getting the point but let's do one more for good measure. Let me take you back to December. This boozy frozen peppermint hot chocolate shake was on the menu and filling everyone with holiday cheer. (and Dr.Mcgillicuddy)

If you've ever been to The Goat in Hampton you've seen the dollars they have posted all over the wall.

On their Facebook page and Instagram, they are asking for people to take a guess as to how many dollars are on the wall. The closest dollar amount will win free adult frappes and burgers for a year. That's right, all of the deliciousness we just reviewed above could be yours for free.

The bills are being taken down and donated to their staff who are currently out of work due to the pandemic. They said they will be replenishing the dollars on the wall once they are up and running again.

Good luck and happy guessing!

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