What if the Patriots weren't the Patriots? A guy on TikTok recently tested out this theory, not only with New England's home team, but also with most of the teams throughout the National Football League.

@flapjacksports posted the videos to TikTok last week, "renaming NFL teams based on what Google says their city is known for." Among some of our favorites were the Denver Thriving Craft Breweries, the Cincinnati Chili and the New York Apples. Obviously some were more random than others.

The New England Patriots' new name showed up in part one of the series, but caused quite a stir in the comments, and not necessarily because it wasn't a great name change.

Instead of looking up what New England as a whole is famous for, @flapjacksports only looked up Boston's source of notoriety, and ended up with a completely different answer: Beans. While it's hard to disagree that cheering for a team called the New England Beans would be anything less than hysterical, I think it's safe to say that the rest of New England, from Connecticut and Rhode Island to Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire, might be missing out on a little bit of the love here. I did a little Google search myself, and if we redid this fun renaming game based on what New England as a whole is famous for, the Patriots would soon be known as the New England Clam Chowder. That's a name I think we can all get down with.

Despite the hint of inaccuracy, some pretty important organizations showed their approval of the hilarious New England Beans name in the video's comments.

"boston beans 😤" the New England Patriots' account wrote back.

"gillette stadium, home of the new england beans 🏈" the stadium's account responded.

The official account of the NFL, on the other hand, only had one word: "BEANS."

What do you think? Was it safe to just use Boston for the completely hypothetical renaming of New England's football team, or should all of New England have been considered in the process?

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