Molly and Ben St. Jeanne (aka the owners of Wicked Flannel in Hampton, NH) have produced over 1,500 free masks for people in Salisbury MA, Portsmouth NH, and beyond! An article by states that the couple has been going into their shop to sew everyday until about 2 pm. Then they divide the finished masks into three categories; shipping, hand delivery, and curbside pick up. They have this routine down to a science and have become so efficient they are able to produce 100 masks a day. IMPRESSIVE!

If you are asking yourself, is flannel an effective material for a face mask? The answer is a resounding YASSS! The article states that the tight weave of the fabric makes flannel an ideal material for face masks. They use a medium to lightweight material so you won't suffer from a case of sweaty nose syndrome.

Word has spread like wildfire about Wicked Flannel and their amazing act of kindness. They have shipped free masks to every single New England state plus Florida, Alabama, California, Hawaii, Utah, Colorado, Washington, and Illinois!

Need a mask? It's as easy as leaving a comment on their Facebook telling them how many you need! They will be in touch regarding your shipping address.

Ben and Molly, you are as good as they come! You have helped so many people during this crisis and it is nothing short of amazing.

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