In this time of social distancing the drive-in has become a very popular outing. It's pretty perfect, actually! You get that feeling that you are out and being social but you are in the safety of your own vehicle and not exposed to other people and their germs!

According to SeacoastOnline, The owner of the Galley Hatch restaurant thought it would be an awesome idea to bring the big screen back in the very spot that Hampton Cinemas used to be for 25 glorious years. CVS gave them the go ahead to use their parking lot so they set up an inflatable screen (I didn't know that was a thing!) and had a screening of Grease on Saturday night. Danny, Frenchie, Rizzo, and the gang kept the crowd entertained and it was the perfect movie choice for a throw back kind of night.

This night of nostalgia was just what the doctor ordered and the community loved it! Plus all of the proceeds from ticket sales went to local food pantries. So not only was it a much needed night out for so many people, it raised money for a good cause. That is what we call a win win!

If you are wondering how social distancing guidelines were enforced, the article states that cars were parked in every other spot and then people set up chairs in the empty spots in between. People who went to the event reported feeling safe and were able to keep a six foot distance from other groups.

If your sad you missed this fun filled evening, don't worry! They are doing it again this Saturday and are showing Mama Mia! Woohoo. They plan to have another showing June 6th but the movie is still TBD.

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