Dexter the dog ran away after his owner was hit Wednesday afternoon by an alleged drunk driver. Kensington police updated the story via their Facebook page by 7pm.

According to the Union Leader, via police, a woman from Hampton Falls was walking the dog on Wild Pasture Road around 1:30 p.m. The victim was struck by a vehicle. After she was hit, police said the woman dropped Dexter’s leash and he ran off. While she has not been identified, it was reported by police minor injuries were sustained. Police then issued this update in search of Dexter.

The driver of the vehicle who struck the victim was identified as 18 year old Noah Levine of Exeter. Levine was charged with driving while intoxicated, resisting arrest or detention, and possessing an open container of alcohol. In addition, a passanger is also facing charges. 18 year old Tyler Peel, of Brentwood, was charged with resisting arrest or detention. He was placed into police custody


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