I have one brother and his name is Ari! He is five and a half years older than me. (fun fact: Ari spelled backward is IRA and my name is KIRA!) When we were kids we weren't exactly besties. We were really different and I was mostly an annoyance to him. I was always putting my sticky paws on his pristine VHS tapes or sneaking into his room to play Crash Bandicoot on his Playstation.

ari and kira

He went off to college when I was in the 8th grade and we weren't great at keeping in touch. When I was in high school I would ask him to buy me alcohol since he was of age. My parents would be happy to know that he would always deny my requests.

We didn't start becoming pals until the Summer before I left for college. We both worked for my dad doing children's theater. We would travel around to Summer camps and libraries all around New England and perform our show "Aesop's Fables".

I was 18 and he was 23, it no longer felt like we were worlds apart! We became tight with our fellow actors and found ourselves hanging out together even when we didn't have to. It was a magical Summer for me because deep down I always hoped that we could be friends.

ari dad me

From then on out it has been pretty smooth sailing. My existence doesn't annoy my brother like it did when we were kids. And even when it does, blood is thicker than water so he's stuck with me :)


I feel lucky to have such a talented and fun-loving sibling! PLUS he gave me a great gift; a fantastic and sassy sissy-in-law named Holly! She is the bee's knees!

Happy National Sibling Day to my brotha from the same motha! I'd write all my ridiculous nicknames for you but I'd probably get fired so I'll just text you later.

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