Harry Potter fans get your wands up!

According to the Portsmouth public library Facebook page, there is a Harry Potter Escape Room planned for Saturday, January 25 between 1:30 and 3:45 pm.  Spaces are filling up fast for this event.

There will be two sessions, one from 1:30 -2:15 for Kindergarten through Fourth Grade and the second session from 3:00 pm – 3:45 pm for Fifth Graders and older.

I must admit I am a Muggle and would lose this challenge if not for my wife who is Harry Potter obsessed I think my wife may actually be a wizard or witch.  She made all of our kids read the books before they were allowed to see the movies.

My oldest son still is Harry Potter obsessed like my wife.

The details of the Portsmouth Library Escape room from their Facebook page is “your jealous Muggle cousins have stolen your tickets to the Hogwarts Express.”  You must unlock a series of locks until you are able to retrieve them.

If Harry Potter can unlock the Chamber of Secrets, I am quite sure you can all find a way of solving this Escape Room that the Portsmouth Public Library has set up.

It looks to be a great event and anything that encourages young children to read is fantastic.  I hope the event is popular enough that we can convince them to host an event for adults because my wife’s Harry Potter knowledge is encyclopedic, as she says wearing her Luna Lovegood Spectraspecs and holding her wand. Good Luck!

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