It's too fitting and too poetic that there's a liquor store on Derby Street in Salem, Massachusetts of all places that's rumored to be haunted. And honestly, as if that's not reason enough to go snag your next bottle of wine or whiskey from there, there's also the name that's a major selling point.

Bunghole Liquors.

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Bunghole Liquors in Salem, Massachusetts

Seriously, though. Why wouldn't you want to snag some booze from a place that has a massive neon sign on their storefront that reads "The Bunghole"?

Other than an epic name, Bunghole Liquors has a real epic and interesting history, too, and it essentially involves spirits on spirits. As in alcohol spirits on ghost spirits.

Bunghole Liquors Used to Be a Funeral Home

According to the Chowdaheadz Instagram page, Bunghole Liquors used to be a funeral home where embalming took place in the basement. That story is verified by Salem Ghosts, who goes on to mention that during the Prohibition days, the basement of the then-funeral home was used as a speakeasy.

While it was still also being used to embalm dead bodies.

Embalming Equipment is Still Buried in the Basement Walls

Legend has it, according to Salem Ghosts, that once Prohibition ended, the owner of the funeral home decided to go fully legit and transition into a liquor store. He ditched whatever dead bodies still remained in the basement, buried his embalming tools inside the walls of the basement, and was granted a liquor license.

Bunghole Liquors was officially born. Haunted, but born.

Salem Ghosts reports that the basement has been historically the most paranormally active room, which makes sense since that's where bodies were kept and embalmed, and the tools are still supposedly inside the basement walls.

Former Bunghole workers routinely told stories of feeling the presence of a cat nearby and even the feeling of a cat rubbing up against a leg, which fits right into the prediction of author Susan Saville claiming that most of the spirits in Salem are cats, according to Salem Ghosts.

There have apparently also been accounts of a woman walking in and around the store multiple times, even so much as "bumping" into an employee once, who turned to find no one else in the store. It makes you think, though...

...could the paranormal spirits floating around the Bunghole attach themselves to the alcoholic spirits and actually travel with you to your home...?

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