I love to cook. I'm fond of cheese. So I use a cheese grater frequently. Imagine my surprise when I found out I may have been using it incorrectly my entire life. And I'll bet you have too.

If you use a box grater...that's the one with four sides and a handle on the top...there's a video online, and according to the Daily Meal...it's racked up about 3 million hits on Twitter. If it's correct...odds are we've all been grating cheese the wrong way.

They say instead of holding it so the cheese falls down through the bottom, you should turn the grater on its side. Then instead of an up-and-down motion, just go back-and-forth. They say not only is it easier...but it saves time.

I'm not sure that's how the person who invented the box grater thought it should work, but I will say if do it like that, at least all the cheese still stays inside the grater, and you can dump it out into a bowl when you're done instead of scooping it up with your hands.

What do you think? Ingenious or silly?


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