Baby Giraffe Born at Massachusetts Zoo Sets Record

Who doesn’t love baby animals?  It’s crazy during the lockdown I haven’t really thought about the zoo, but it had to be tough on them getting through this time.

Just because there were no visitors doesn’t mean life doesn’t go on and that the animals still need a high level of care.  Some animals were busier during that pandemic than usual.

Dolly, the Southwick’s Zoo Giraffe’s parents did not practice social distancing

According to, Dolly is the largest giraffe to ever be born at the Southwick Zoo in Massachusetts, weighing in at 150 pounds and 6 feet tall at birth.

That’s crazy!

Dolly’s mom has trouble producing enough milk for her, so she is being bottle-fed, the news station stated.

I guess you need a ladder to bottle feed a 6-foot-tall baby giraffe.  Dolly had her first public viewing on Southwick’s Zoo’s 2021 Earth Awareness Day last Saturday.

Dolly is Doing Fine

According to reporting by, Dr. Peter Brewer, the zoo’s veterinarian says that Dolly won’t be rejoined with mom for about another month.  Dolly may have some growing to do before she is put in the giraffe enclosure with the other giraffes.

This just reminds me to go back to the zoo again.  I haven’t been in such a long time I could use a visit with a baby giraffe.  Time to head down to Mendon, Massachusetts to hit up Southwick’s Zoo.

Giraffes are one of my favorite animals, but I really get creeped out by the snakes and weird insects.  I suppose I will skip the reptile habitat.

Congratulations to Dolly for setting a zoo record!


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