We might be spoiled here in New Hampshire and Maine with our beautiful beaches and oceanfront views. But every once in awhile, it's nice to get away and check out some other fantastic scenery and there's no place on earth like good ol' Cape Cod.

If you're planning on heading down the Cape for a day, weekend or week vacation, this Spring/Summer, you're gonna want to know this before you go.

There are lane restrictions on the Bourne Bridge due to repair work that just started and that repair work is expected to last at leasdt until Memorial Day Weekend in late May

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says the Bourne Bridge will be down to two lanes as workers will be replacing damaged roadway joints on the bridge that crosses the Cape Cod Canal. The repair work began yesterday. The bridge will have one, wider 12-foot lane instead of two lanes in each direction. The Army Corps says the contractor will be working around the clock, seven days a week and lane restrictions will be in place at all times.

The work also includes repair of deteriorated steel and concrete, patching of damaged pavement surfaces, and replacement of waterproof membranes. Bridge lighting and drainage systems will undergo maintenance work.

Let's hope all the repairs are done before the height of the summer season when we all try to get on and off Cape!

Safe travels!

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