How much does it cost to park at the beach in the fall and winter months?'s FREE!

As we went for a walk along Ocean Blvd, we noticed that all the meters were wrapped up for the off-season.

But, truth be told, this is my favorite time of the year at the beach. Obviously, it's a lot quieter than the summertime, the parking is free and the air is nice and crisp. Perfect weather to get outside and enjoy a nice brisk walk or run or whatever it is you like to do.

The only downside is there are no benches to sit for a few minutes and take in the ocean air.

Meters will become operational once again at the beginning of April. There's no word yet on what parking will cost for the 2019 season. Below were the rates for last year according to New Hampshire State Parks.


  • $1.00 per hour from April 1st through April 30th and after October 1st
  • $2.00 per hour from May 1st through October 1st

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