Michael J. Fox was cool as Marty McFly in 'Back To The Future'. Especially when he was skateboarding all over his town's past. He was even cooler the second time around while hoverboarding around his town's future.Skateboard? No problem! Hoverboard? That was a little trickier until now. Sure enough, somebody has invented the thing. As you may well imagine, these things are pricey, which is why a Kickstarter campaign has been started.

While there are multiple levels of buying into this thing, if you want a prototype hoverboard of your very own it'll run you $10 grand. Maybe you're Dean Kamen and you've always dreamed about a flying Segway and the 10 large is no big deal.

You should know there are some disappointments with this technology. It won't make it through the middle of town because it's based on magnetics. The tech is called Magnetic Field Architecture and it means the thing can only hover over a metallic surface.

The video also doesn't tell you that the thing is noisy. It buzzes and crackles kind of like the doctors laboratory in every 'Frankenstein' movie. Oh yeah, it also sucks up power... Lots of it. The biggest battery the thing can carry will only run it for about 7 minutes.

All that aside, it's step one for actual anti-gravity technology and is, therefore, very cool.


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